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May 12, 2006
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Canon PowerShot A520
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1/60 second
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Date Taken
May 12, 2006, 4:52:39 AM
Gesture Drawings--Yoga Steve by WingedIllusion Gesture Drawings--Yoga Steve by WingedIllusion
I know they say that gesture drawings belong in scraps, but in some cases I think gesture drawings can stand alone as a piece of work. It's not always just a "doodle".

Anyway, this series of quick gestures drawings was done in my Life Drawing II course. Our models are almost always female (in my LDII course, we actually had the same female model the vast majority of the semester), so it was a nice change having a male model...who wasn't 80 years old...

And yes, I've had to draw the old guy (his name is Chester, lol). He's a good model but he makes me nervous because he stares back... *o.0

This model is this middle-age-ish guy apparently known by the upperclassmen art majors as "Yoga Steve." He's hilarious to draw from because when he transitions from one pose to another he makes these grand, swooping movements. Even his still poses are really dramatic. It's like watching Kabuki Theater...naked Kabuki Theater...

OH yeah, and during the breaks he secludes himself in the corner and stands on his head. THANK GOD he wears shorts when he does that. lol.

One more thing (sorry!). This is actually a photo of the image (it's too big to scan) so it is a little blurry...

Done with an ink pen on newsprint
1-5 minutes per figure (I forget how long it was exactly)
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mhanavan Oct 19, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
love the story along with the drawing...funny. Keep up the good work
You are sooo goood :) Im jealous... Check my stuff out?
Kevin-F Oct 8, 2009
Oh and really good gestures by the way, i suck at life drawing so far, at least the quick 1 or 2 minute gestures, i need at least 5 minutes for a somewhat decent drawing.
Well I'm a bit late on the reply (sorry!) but I appreciate the comments! You know, I'm actually a bit surprised that my first class drawing from a live nude model wasn't all that awkward. I mean, I didn't have a problem with it, but I expected to see at least a couple of people blushing :P

Ah yes, the 1-2 minute gestures. They're difficult for a lot of people because they demand a different thought process than many of us are used to--They're more about capturing the essence of movement, torsion and tension, and not the form/outlines. It can be tricky to get at first, but once it "clicks" in your head they can be a lot of fun. Especially the 30-second ones :)

Thanks again for the comments!
Kevin-F Oct 8, 2009
Haha, i just started a life drawing class. Its my first time taking it, so it's a little bit awkward. We have a different model every time but some of them really do look back at you, and it is soooo weird.

Yoga Steve sounds freaking awesome though, i would love for the models to be really out there, it would make it less awkward for everybody i think. I had a guy once that used some props, one was a toy gun that he pushed a button on every so often and it would make a silly sound, haha, it was funny.
Featured your gesture here~ [link]
Oh my, thank you so much! :)
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